Spread the mulch with a rake so... 3. Many berry shrubs don’t need much water while dormant, but check containers at least once a month. Place soaker hoses down the row of blueberry bushes or surrounding them on the day before a frost is expected... 2. Remove the soaker hoses and pour clear mulch around the base of each blueberry bush. Get out the Pruners Keep Berry Plants Warm Blueberry bushes are cold hardy to different degrees, with highbush, half-high and lowbush berries typically cold hardy... Continue to water the plant regularly, because a well-irrigated bush is in better shape to tolerate winter chills. Once berries have been harvested and the plants are losing leaves, it’s time to prune. Cover your blueberries with a thick layer of mulch — approximately six inches — to help retain soil moisture throughout the winter and protect the roots from fluctuations in temperature. Mulches such as bark, peat moss or pine needles will add acidity to the soil, helping to maintain the pH level that blueberries prefer. Day Before a Frost 1. Give Them a Drink 1. 2. Plants can... 3. The best approach is to remove dead branches and suckers that grow out of the base of the shrubs. In general, the bigger the container, the better the chance of winter survival for the plants living in them. So if his blueberries are growing in something huge, like half whiskey barrels, he might be able to cage them, fill the cages with shredded leaves, wrap burlap around the cages and leave them out in the yard. Prune blueberries in late winter and early spring.

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