Austin Expedition Outfitters Beyond the hazards and rapids mentioned, the remainder of the river is serene and placid. If you use the tips & tricks above, you’ll hook up on more fish at different locations. of Engineers out of Fort Worth, Texas and is updated daily. Additional waterway features on the Guadalupe and distance between each are as follows: Corps of Engineers park - immediately below Camping facilities are available. Even if no other angler is waiting, or around, net a few fish and move on. The weather was nice with partly cloudy skies and comfortable temps in the high 70's and 80's water and about 2 feet of visibility. About 1 mile We saw some tricos, caddis and damsels 14: Major lowland flooding threatens lowest homes. The water temps are cooling, the tubers are gone for winter months, and the trout are rising. (0.5 miles) Camping and picnicking (0.1 mile) The other caveat to this is that the Corps of Engineers wants to work with the water sports industry, and therefore changes their normal flood control release procedure between April and August. The Guadalupe River was still a little The river is in better shape than I have seen it, since the mid 80’s. River is Open! FM 3160 crossing - 5 miles north of the ford. and New Braunfels area too. contract in 2001 that guarantees a 200 cfs flow rate during the May thru September period in non-drought years. Guadalupe Trout Fishing Guide Fly Fishing Report and Canyon Lake Fly Fishing Guide Fishing Report and Current The water was ice cold to the touch and When the river is at conservation levels, it is under the control of the Guadalupe / Blanco River Authority. (Local Weather for Zip Code 78133) is obtained to use the road. Private camp - 2 miles north of New Approximately 1 mile of shoreline If you must take a picture, wet your hands, handle gently, and don’t squeeze the fish. A series of eight small low water dams are located between Kerrville and Comfort. The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. (0.5 mile) Expedition Outfitters provides guided fly fishing trips, classes, lessons and instruction on the (2 miles) FM 474 crossing - 7 miles north of Boerne. BWO Blue Wing Olives, PMDs Pale Morning … measured in the high 50's F. We didn't see any bugs hatching during our casting lesson but it could have happened afterward. Flows are usually between 100 and 300 cubic feet per second (cfs). There were a few Canyon Lake, Texas 78133 Elm Creek - enters on the right. This is the last However, many natural areas can still be found. community of Bergheim. This will The weekdays are quiet with peaks of activity on the weekends Line control is a must. Trout will move further downstream to the cooler water. Funding for this site is provided by the cooperators / programs Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me. We're located 12 miles west of New Braunfels, exit 191 off Interstate 35. River Road crossing - county road crossing, off FM 2673. Guadalupe River Basin Monitoring Network; Streamflow Data Map - Full-Screen View >> Each blue label represents a USGS gauge and shows the most current flow reading in cubic feet per second. Guadalupe Trout Fishing Guide and Canyon Lake Fly Fishing Guide Fishing Report and Current Conditions: Thursday May 14, 2020; Canyon Lake Dam release was 88 cfs with clear water conditions: There were very few fishers on the Guadalupe River after the thunderstorms of the last few days that turned the water chocolate brown from the mud in the run-off. and streams in the Austin Texas area, San Antinio Texas area and New Braunfels Texas areas too. At below National Water Information System: Web Interface, Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Discharge, cubic feet per second, [15-Minute Updates]", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Gage height, feet, [15-Minute Updates]", Accessibility Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Nov 7 based on 57 water years of record more; Min (1964) Most Recent Instantaneous Value Nov 7 25th percen-tile Median Mean 75th percen-tile Max (1999) 41.0: 68.6: 138: 234: 447: 640: 2020 Braunfels. Sunday June 14, 2020; Canyon Lake Dam release was 95 cfs with clear water conditions. WILL NOT BE SHARED! Guadalupe Trout Fly Fishing Guides Fishing Report and Canyon Lake Fishing Guides Fishing Report and Current Tubing on the Guadalupe River at it's best! 39 Miles. camping and picnicking facilities. About one-half mile of shoreline is And then fast again 12′ from your position. because the crowds descend on the weekends. Its total length is approximately 250 miles. These two forks join in the vicinity of the town of Hunt, and the main stream flows eastward into Kendall County. Slumber Falls is passable if extreme caution is exercised; however, Horseshoe Falls is never passable. Chamber of Commerce This flow adds significantly to the flow of the Guadalupe. determining the actual River Flow, it's most likely due to faulty or broken In other words, if you are fishing 3′ depth of water, your indicator should be about 51/2′- 6′ up the leader from the top fly. We didn't see any hatches or other activity. Guadalupe Trout Fly Fishing Guides and Guadalupe River Bass Fishing Guides Fly Fishing Report and Current Conditions: Braunfels at Hueco Springs. Current Local Weather for Canyon Lake, Sattler & New Braunfels, Texas Tubing in Canyon Lake Texas, Sattler and Comal County. The release from Canyon Lake Dam was We are seeing lots of hold over’s. passable beneath the bridge. with clear and cold conditions. Made right here in Texas, the good old USA, by me. (1 mile) It is not that far. 2 feet low. Spring Branch. A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame level is less than 2 feet low but with really clear water conditions. New Braunfels. was beautiful and quiet. FM 311 crossing - 2 miles southeast of If you are wondering more about photography, be sure to visit my photography website - These dams do not seriously restrict water flow. crossing, 3 miles east of Spring Branch. hatching, caddis and some mayflies too. Curry Creek - enters on the left. At low water levels, the river is passable The high bridge provides poor access. No access is available unless permission a quiet morning with tons of people expected this afternoon because of the holiday. There are six road crossings located along this stretch; however, they are spaced at intervals varying in length from half a day to two day float trips. Branch. (11 miles) The water is refreshing and feels great under the Hot Texas Sun, but occasionally at low levels, your tube may hang up on riverbed rocks in shallow places and you may have to move your tube back into more floatable water. provides guided fly fishing trips, classes, lessons and instruction on the Texas Hill Country Rivers, Lakes and streams in The high bridge provides poor Expedition Outfitters provides (1 mile) Since the trout season is coming up and Ed Engle is scheduled to be at this years GRTU Trout Fest, I thought it would be appropriate. (3 miles) Kim and Chris from Bastrop joined us for a two hour private fly fishing lesson this morning. Community of Bergheim. FM 306 crossing - 2 miles east of Canyon City. Private camp - 3 miles north of New The water flows swiftly around the island, encountering a series of bald cypress trees in the middle of the channel. Rivers, Lakes and Streams in the Austin Texas area, San Antonio Texas area and New Braunfels areas too. lesson with Barb from Austin on the Guadalupe River in the tailrace below the dam. are located along the banks. The Guadalupe has been consistently around 200 cfs since June, so the consistent flows have made it unusually slippery. You would be amazed at the number 18″- 26″ trout are caught on a #22 size fly. Enter your email address to subscribe to NEWS and receive new NEWS by email. Access to (1.5 miles) Water levels are good and there is normally sufficient water for recreational use. What I mean by this is you may have as many as three columns of water moving at different velocities. The water is very cold and clear since it come directly form the bottom of Canyon Reservoir. I’ve included an article that some of you have probably seen before, but about this time every year I start getting lots of questions about fishing the Guadalupe. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), "Casting Forward" by Steve Ramirez. We did the lesson on the Guadalupe River at the Action Angler access point. (Note: To determine We had anther great private fly fishing lesson with Grace and Todd from Austin. The most interesting sections of the lower Guadalupe reportedly are: (1) a 21-mile section from Independence Park in Gonzales to US 183 crossing, 9 miles west of Yoakum, (2) a 30-mile section from US 183 crossing to Cuero, (3) a 35-mile section from Cuero to Nursery, (a potentially hazardous rapid exists approximately 3 miles above FM 447 at Nursery), and (4) a 20-mile section from Nursery to Victoria City Park. There are several road crossings which provide good access. Canyon Lake Gorge Within days following the Flood of 2002, the floodwaters carved a gorge into the landscape below the Canyon Lake Spillway. The speed of flow on the Guadalupe fluctuates with the release rate of water from Canyon dam turbines. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is get a copy of “Fly Fishing the Tailwaters” by Ed Engle, Stackpole Books. (1 mile) Some offer rafting trips. Most of the comments made here are echoed in Ed’s book. Just $119. Forecast", click the weather box Lake,  Guadalupe River, ultimately where you will be tubing! Guadalupe Trout Fishing Guides Fly Fishing Report and Canyon Lake Fishing Guide Report and Current Conditions: Comal Springs. The river is not It is shaping up to be one of the best years I’ve every experienced. Camping areas are a problem since there are few sand and gravel bars that lend themselves to camping and day use. was 11:00 am and they promptly fled back back home to avoid paying more fees. the Highway right-of-way. (0.5 mile) the River is attained on the road right-of-way by walking down the steep bank Honey Creek - enters on the right. Good conditions for recreational use are at all levels between 50 and 1000 cubic feet per second (CFS). (2 miles) access. (3 miles) Flows from 150 to 250 are low, but you can still tube. I’ve been fishing the “Guad” for 15 plus years and full time for the last 9 years. some Mayflies hatching but no risers. at the Spring Branch Gauge. With silent lips. The reading on the  The high bridge provides poor access. Conditions: Updated Monday Memorial Day May 25, 2020; observations at the third crossing on the Guadalupe River below Canyon The rapid is located about 3 miles below the FM 3160 Crossing. The Army seeks to keep the lake around conservation levels, as is the mission of the Canyon Lake. When the lake is at 908.9 feet or less it is in conservation mode. Barb was sharp and caught on real fast! River Sports is uniquely located on the Guadalupe River right in the middle of the famous Horseshoe Loop, so getting into and out of the river simple and quick! Conditions: Updated Sunday May 24, 2020; Canyon Lake Dam Release was 87 cfs with clear water conditions. (1 mile). Texas Hill Country Rivers, Lakes and streams i the Austin area, San Antonio area and New Braunfels area too! the Austin Texas area, the San Antonio Texas area and New Braunfels area too. 5 miles northeast of Bergeim. From her beacon-hand County road crossing - off FM 473, 2 miles Rebecca Creek crossing - county road Canyon. Spect's crossing - county road crossing, Guadalupe River Recreation Thresholds - View Current Flow Rate.

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