This journey of the lotus is a metaphor for humans as we go from unenlightened beings to realization of the ultimate truth, that is, merging with the universe. Learning and acquiring wisdom should never stop, and this is what the blue lotus represents. It is believed that the blue lotus is a representative of the control of a person over his mind and spirit. The center of the lotus has a yellow or yellowish-green color. . 1 Lotus represented 1000, 2 lotuses 2000, and so on. One of the most common symbols used in the Unalome tattoo is the lotus. This center represents the ultimate goal of human consciousness: self-realization and the merging of the soul with the Universe, or in other words, Oneness. Known as the sacred lotus in China, Bali, and Asia. The five stem is representative of Vajradhatu and its 5 sets of knowledge. But Lotus flower meaning is more than this. Namrata is a Doctor i.e. The half-open lotus flower tattoo meaning has links with the belief that the growth of one’s soul and mind never ends. This concept has led to the lotus flowers represented as a symbol of the seven chakras. Before we explore those, let’s take a brief look at the flower itself and different types of lotuses. In Sanskrit, it is known by many names, like Kamala, Pundarika, Padma, Utpala, etc. The blue lotus is also associated with Bodhisattva of wisdom, who is also known as Manjushri and Prajnaparampita, the father who represents perfection of wisdom. You can read more about Mandalas and their symbolic meaning here. Egyptian artworks depict Lotus as the symbol of upper Egypt and the papyrus plant as the symbol of lower Egypt. In Egyptian culture, the flower has a sacred space. Since the soles of the feet are tucked away, this position is also quite respectful when you are sitting in a temple. Dating back as far as 145.5 million years ago, the lotus flower is one of the most significant symbols in history. It is also known as the Sacred Lotus and Indian Lotus. Having dealt with mental health issues in the past, she hopes to raise awareness for the same and help people with her work in association with The MindFool team, Our site uses cookies. When Odysseus and his men ask the locals for food, they offer them the Lotus plant. Home Spirituality Spiritualism & Divinity Lotus Flower Meaning – The Cultural and Religious Symbolism. The flower has also been mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. It has a pure white beauty which is completely blemish free. In ancient Hindu texts, the white Lotus sees this mention: “The white lotus, born in the water and grown in the water, rises beyond the water and remains unsoiled by the water. In the modern world too, many people are recognizing the deep symbolism associated with this mystical flower and incorporating it in their lives through mandalas and tattoos. Unalome is a common Buddhist symbol in such tattoos. It represents spirituality, mysticism, … It is clear that the flower has deep seated meanings in terms of spirituality and cultures. This color lotus is one of the most rare and unique flowers and in many cultures, it is considered to be a symbol of spirituality. It stands for the victory of the human mind over its senses. The chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body, according to Hinduism. These spells symbolize rebirth and resurrection. The Lotus flower represents the journey of the human soul from the darkness to the light of wisdom. The eight petals of the flower represent the eightfold path of Buddhism. One of the most common symbols used in the Unalome tattoo is the lotus. The opening of the flower bud represents the journey of the human soul from darkness and ignorance to light and spiritual illumination. Australian scientists have also discovered that the Lotus plant can regulate its temperature according to its environment, just like warm blooded animals such as humans. Unalome is a common Buddhist symbol in such tattoos. Besides this, the flower is commonly associated with the following values in Buddhism: You can find out more about this in this video: Lotus is an extremely sacred symbol in Hinduism. The core of the flower remains pure, although its environment in which it starts its life is not so pure. Thus, monks, the [Buddha], born in the world, grown up in the world, after having conquered the world, remains unsoiled by the world.”. It has the ability to grow like the flower, and awaken to the divine truth. Thus, the lotus represented these values as well. Its scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera, and it is also known as the sacred lotus, or Indian lotus. In fact, Lotus flower meaning is equally important, yet widely variable in various religions and cultures all across the world, particularly in Hinduism and Buddhism. . Generally speaking, the flower is a symbol of rebirth because it blooms in darkness and becomes a beautiful flower with delicate white and pink petals. These people survived only on a diet which consisted of narcotic lotuses. The intertwining of the two plants represents the unification of the two parts of Egypt. It is surrounded by debris, insects, fish, and many unpleasant things. It represents one’s path towards enlightenment. Here are some parallels between the yogic practice, meditation, and the Lotus flower: Every yoga practice and meditation session is the beginning of something new. On the other hand, a fully bloomed pink lotus means that Nirvana or enlightenment has been attained. And all this time, the purity of the human soul remains untainted. Different colored lotus flowers have different meanings in Buddhism. The pink lotus is also a seat for various gods and goddesses in Hinduism, including Lakshmi, Brahma, Saraswati, and Ganesha. The blue lotus is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. The red lotus is also associated with Avolokitesvara, who is known as the God of compassion, the Lord who looks down onto the world, and is a bodhisattva. The blossoming of the lotus flower is also representative of the revelation of the true being. When a red lotus is in full bloom, it is also believed to represent the big-heartedness of the human spirit and its generosity. In fact, it has been found that the optimum temperature for the growth of the flower varies between 10 and 45 degrees Celsius, while the sacred Lotus famous in Hinduism maintains a temperature between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius. In fact, it has attained quite a rich meaning in many religions and cultures. The Lotus flower is a very resilient species, especially considering that it is such a delicate looking flower. In the modern world, lotus flower tattoos show dedication to the Hindu or Buddhist faith. Just like the lotus opens up, we open up to our authentic self in Buddhism. In yoga and meditation, the opening up of the heart expands one’s beauty to the world and increases our capacity for self-love. Ultimately, Odysseus had to go looking for his men himself and he had to carry them to his ship one by one. The lotus flower tattoo also symbolises wisdom and knowledge. Christians replace the lotus flower with the sacred white-water Lily. Then, it begins to spread and show its face to the world. With a zeal for reading novels, books, and anything she could get her hands on ever since she was little, she embarked into a writing career purely out of luck. It is also believed that Avalokitesvara is the Holder of the lotus, which in Sanskrit gives him the name, Padmapani. One of these legends states that the sun actually blossomed out of a Lotus. The closed bud of the flower has infinite potential and once it blooms, it is ready to share its beauty with the universe. In this mandala, the flower sits at the center of the Mandala. Purple Lotus Purple Lotus tattoo. According to the Egyptian book of the dead, when a person dies, magic spells and charms can turn them into the Lotus flower. The Buddhists also show him seated on a pink Lotus and believe that the flower blooms everywhere his feet touch the ground. Here is a brief summary of the significance of each lotus color: This is perhaps one of the most mesmerizing flowers. It is believed that this flower denotes the highest enlightenment of the human condition. When they woke up, they wanted to return to the land of Lotus eaters, but Odysseus gave the order to leave the island. The triple stem is representative of the three parts of Garbhadhatu, which are Lotus, Vairocana, and Vajra.

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