I’m just trying to verify the legitimacy of his claim to wealth/fame. It’s all about attitude definitely. I feel like that might be a good indication. Consider all the halfus we've seen on TH and how few of them go by their father's name. Because, for such a high profile person to come to TH, most companies with a board of shareholders will be very particular about PR, especially if it’s someone who is going to be an important figure in the company; so I could only guess it’s a PR stunt or a wacky attempt at raising public visibility. I guess it's H.I.S. I doubt he will “take over” the company but maybe he aspires to since he said his stepfather is getting old. I don’t doubt he comes from money. I guess we won’t really know who his father is. 174.8k Followers, 603 Following, 396 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Noah Ishikura(石倉 ノア) (@zeppelin.noah) The other cast members were so impressed by the Skymark part that they all ignored the fact that his father has a different business now, so that's probably why you didn't notice it. and let a younger team of people manage it. Whose pappi’s credit card will reign?? .. #japan #tokyo #instagood” Seina Shimabukuro: 島袋聖南: Seina model April 4, 1987 30 10 - 34 25 09 Mayu Koseta 小瀬田麻由: Mayu gravure model November 12, 1994 23 17 - 26 10 10 Yui Tanaka 田中優衣 Yui university student December 24, 1996 21 22 - 49 28 11 Noah Ishikura 石倉ノア Noah aspiring pilot November 19, 1996 21 22 - 34 13 12 Aya Matarai 又来綾 Aya in J-talent for various reasons. I guess if his dad is Hideo Sawada, then the company he's supposed to inherit is H.I.S. I couldn’t find any info about Hideo Sawada’s family. I know its so cliche but I fucking love this trope. His mother is Japanese. in 3 years (Noah is currently 22?) I agree. Plus, Hideo Sawada is 67 so Noah is right about his step dad is getting old. If only Yuudai were there.. I did a bit of snooping immediately after he appeared and found similar gaps in his story. Not otome but worth sharing ;). Cookies help us deliver our Services. I’m so for this pairing but so far they don’t seem to interact much on the show. When he's introducing himself to everyone he says that his father started Skymark but is running a different company now and that's the one he's going to inherit. Press J to jump to the feed. Then at the reveal, people would be all like “Aww, humble prince!” But he needs to get to that 10million yen fast I guess. Not sure why he uses the last name Ishikura. 36.6k Likes, 1,400 Comments - Noah Ishikura(石倉 ノア) (@zeppelin.noah) on Instagram: “ .. . I also highly doubt he’s the son of Hideo Sawada, the person who founded Skymark in the 80s. I think he just said the airline because people would know it and he supposedly wants to be a pilot? 13 notes. Plus, Hideo Sawada is 67 so Noah is right about his step dad is getting old. I’m so for this pairing but so far they don’t seem to interact much on the show, Seina Shimabukuro is so bloody lovely in Terrace House OND, she’s like a big sister and matchmaker and I love her and I wish we could be friends omg, Watching Seina drink makes me want to get drunk tbh, i love how she is so fucking charming and out there and over the top but still so friendly and sweet. I just finished Oh My venus (K-Drama) and I can't help but eat it up. The casting producers must’ve been so pleased with themselves. Typically Rich (Arrogant) heir falls in love with a nice-very-down-to-earth girl, who maybe poor (not necessarily) or has a certain weirdness to her. Right now I’ve settled for this explanation: even if it’s true that his dad founded but doesn’t own Skymark anymore, entrepreneurs usually have more than one thing going at a time, so he might be talking about one of the businesses his dad ‘owns’, it might not even be H.I.S. Seina’s my girl, she gets it. I didn't watch Noah's interview but looks like his story does check out if his step dad is Hideo Sawada. Even though his original story was spotty (I'm sure the way he explained to the housemates in person was better than how they edited it for the show), if his claims about being the son of Skymark's founder were truly false, he'd surely be called out for it by now and it'd blow up into a big scandal. or was it a drunken kiss like what happened to Seina & Ma-kun? Why wouldn’t he be using is Japanese father’s last name especially since he’s half? Yes, it's extremely common esp. I kind of wished they did a slower reveal on his background. I wasn’t able to make a Telegram sticker, so I drew it instead, seina went from hungover mess to looking classy sipping wine on a date an hour later, I finally am watching the original season of Terrace House and understand why Seina is the queen! https://www.reddit.com/r/terracehouse/comments/8sa640/spoilers_terrace_house_opening_new_doors_part_3/. Found an article saying Hideo Sawada wants to step down from management of H.I.S. Photos of them enjoying theme parks together and posing side by side for outlandish photographs have been put on display for their many fans to see. Originally posted by abasketofgifs. WHERE’S THE WINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reblog. I just NEED to know how Noah and Seina became a thing. Yeah you're right, I went back and re-watched it and he does mention his dad runs a different company now. His biological father is Austrian. My guess is that it was his mother’s maiden name? Found an article saying Hideo Sawada wants to step down from management of H.I.S. Has anyone seen any news of Hideo Sawada getting remarried? Here's the update you need on all 19 cast members of Terrace House: Opening New Doors, including all the Instagram info on Yui, Maya, Masao, Aio, Noah, Risako and more. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Still waiting for ANOTHER TV-rom-com esque thing to happen to Noah. It all doesn’t click and I’ve verified the shareholding structure on Bloomberg as well. 応援宜しくお願いします!! せいな宜しく . Also, I want to date, too. He has been wearing off white clothes in almost every episode I think. Does anyone else find it weird that he casually mentioned that he’s going to inherit Skymark and run it when he’s 25? terrace house opening new doors noah and seina noah ishikura seina shimabukuro. I didn't watch Noah's interview but looks like his story does check out if his step dad is Hideo Sawada. and let a younger team of people manage it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

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