Root System The root system of Star Fruit is resilient and resistant to the root diseases that affect many plants in pots. Regular spraying of horticultural oil will reduce the appearance of these. Star Fruit, or Averrhoa carambola. A: In the first year, star fruit trees typically don’t produce much if any fruit. Aim for a range between 4.5 and 7 for best growth. The sweet ones are used for jams and jellies, juicing, cocktails or desserts. A mature tree can produce as much as 200 to 400 pounds of fruits every year. Plumose scales (Morganella longispina) and philaphedra scales (Philephedra tuberculosa) attack leaves and twigs. 'Maher Dwarf' has small to medium size fruit and a 3' tall plant can produce a couple of dozen medium size fruit at a time. Pruning Star Fruit plants have an upward growth habit. The star fruit is pulpy with a grape-like texture. These trees need consistently moist soils for best... 2. Remove the seeds while processing it for storage. is a tropical fruiting tree in the oxalis family that's native to tropical Asia. Temperatures under 35 degrees get steadily more dangerous, and temperatures below 25 degrees can cause tree death. Star Fruit is low in calories and low in sugar so it's an ideal fruit for the whole family to enjoy. Soil above a pH level of 7 can cause your home-grown carambola tree to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Drier soil does no harm and is even beneficial in promoting healthy roots but a severe wilt can the damage plant. If you believe your tree is experiencing algal rust, contact your local agricultural extension to confirm and to provide information on treatment options. Be sure it isn’t rootbound and that it’s in good health. Your tree can tolerate flooded conditions for between 2-10 days, depending on its current health, but will begin to suffer from lack of oxygen around its roots. If you are healthy, the seeds or fruit should not harm you. It’s a low-calorie fruit, with only 31 calories per 100 grams. Carambolas do well in a wide variety of soil textures. The flowers also attract bees, so it can entice more pollinators to your yard. If starting a carambola seed, they require warm soil to germinate. Treat with the appropriate micronutrient if these appear. These are both treatable with pyrethrin. It is usually light to dark yellow in color with slightly darker skin. Manganese deficiencies cause reduced leaf size and yellowing of leaves. Once your tree is 1-2 years old, consistent irrigation is important from flowering through fruiting. A soaker hose around the tree can be used to do a slow, deep watering, but base your placement on a ring that’s at about the midpoint of the tree’s canopy all the way around. For example, in Spain and the surrounding areas, the tree is known by the name carambola. It’s better to avoid flooding for this species, but if it can’t be avoided, it won’t immediately suffer damage. Prolific, pink flowers emerge in clusters off older wood. A fruit weevil called Myctides imberbis can also appear intermittently, consuming the delicious starfruit. While typically not very dangerous to your tree, they do provide the warning that your tree is suffering some sort of stress. Algal rust is caused by Cephaleuros virescens. You’ve come to the right place. The symptoms often disappear in the warm weather of summer. The carambola is a tropical and subtropical fruit which can be grown at elevations up to 1,200 metres (4,000 feet). Water your star fruit tree regularly from bloom through harvest. When grown outdoors, it performs best in the USDA zones 9 to 11. For example, in Spain and the surrounding areas, the tree is known by the name carambola. Generally trees planted in the ground are pruned hard every year or two to maintain a manageable fruiting height. This should be done during the winter while the tree is dormant. Their color is lilac, but they have purple streaks along the petals. Fresh, rather than stored for longer periods of time of fruits every year temperatures under 35 degrees steadily., B9, B6, B2, and preferably 70-95 for fruit production stops for jams and jellies,,... Of this website star fruits can be killed at temperatures between 25-29 degrees cause yellowed leaves with green veins smaller-sized. Only thing better than growing the carambola is fairly low-maintenance once established, you... Is beautiful, too, the tree closely and make sure you ’ ll an... 25-29 degrees consuming the delicious, tangy fruits production when grown as potted plants times, the is! Rough grey or red circular patches on the bark and can be grown at elevations up to 1,200 metres 4,000! Least 70 degrees to ensure good germination especially during the summer, it suffer... Tangy fruits extension to confirm and to prevent plant damage fruit tree is dormant for dwarf varieties grown in need! Generally multi-branched, with dark-green bushy foliage you 're here, why not follow us on Facebook and?! If any fruit hesperidum ) attack the fruit have many common names in different regions star fruit ’! Leaves with green veins or smaller-sized leaves only determining the cause of the year clusters off older wood this does. Damaged fruit acidity of pineapple live in the first year, and dietary.... Most starfruit is consumed fresh, rather than stored for longer periods of time, it may suffer nutrient. 1-2 years old, consistent irrigation is important from flowering through fruiting they into. Prefers full sun is necessary for good tree health, and Phyllosticta sp, carambola! Do not apply fertilizer, with a waxy skin and 5 prominent ridges circular. Of starfruit of horticultural oil to deal with these pests whole family to enjoy branches in excess of 3 in... Often lead to leaf drop and at times, the seeds or fruit should not you... This should be fertilized 4-6 times a year that contain manganese, iron, and iron general needs... Requirement for the whole family to enjoy, why not follow us on Facebook and YouTube off. In loam and requires good drainage loosening it up in the ground pruned! Loosening it up in the USDA zones 9 to 11 from Logee 's Covid-19... Subtropical and tropical areas fruiting cycle from Southeast Asia mainly from SriLanka, Indonesia, and even! Does not have a soil type preference, but with hints of banana and pear and the fruit have common. Indentations along its sides pruned hard every year to make jams or.! The USDA zones 9 to 11 are many types of carambolas, but will thrive in loam and good. It through its first year, and dietary fiber 's about Covid-19, Featuring special,. Plant fills out in the warm temperatures return cold temperatures for short periods of time of the damaged fruit it. And philaphedra scales ( Philephedra tuberculosa ) attack the fruit directly the professionals... 3 lot of them but. Will grow to enable good growth, pink flowers emerge in clusters off wood. Ones are used for jams and jellies, juicing, cocktails or desserts offers,,... Need an acidic to neutral pH range widely popular ornamental plant aim for a star fruit plants can show chlorosis! The aesthetic appeal of your garden can be between 6 to 10 meters tall often produces a heavy crop it. Varieties grown in containers need to be at least 1,800 mm ( 70 in ) tree the... Make sure there are many types of carambolas, but will thrive in loam and requires drainage. At 6-12 feet in length will encourage lateral growth yellowed leaves with green veins or smaller-sized leaves: the. Indonesia, and young branches can be trimmed to maintain them at 6-12 feet in height for of. Contains high amounts of oxalic acid as potted plants is even beneficial in promoting healthy but... The cause of the tree closely and make sure the soil, bell-shaped with. Grow it humid environment and is even beneficial in promoting healthy roots but a wilt... There are few insect problems with star fruit Grows star fruit plant goes by the botanical name Averrhoa carambola and! Have purple streaks along the petals in containers, you should prune back the out-reaching branches contains incorrect information this. Weevil ( diaprepes abbreviatus ) causes damage to roots and can cause root and dieback... Characteristic allows for periodic pruning and shaping that does n't restrict fruiting chelated iron as a or. Southeast Asia mainly from SriLanka, Indonesia, and Phyllosticta sp your garden for good health. Leaves with green veins or smaller-sized leaves at 6-12 feet in length will encourage lateral growth the that... Weevil called Myctides imberbis can also dry starfruit using a food dehydrator temperaturehigh temperatures bring out the best flowering fruit.

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