Adaptive software that delivers personalized learning paths based on what students are ready to learn. Includes: All of the online curriculum and video tutorials (for all the levels) are included. Cons: After looking through the level 3 and 4 books, I didn’t see any cumulative reviews or testing. Concepts are reinforced through practice problems, puzzles, and games. As a frustrated college student in a Differential Equations class, I visited the math tutoring center for help. The books were designed for use in Utah schools, but can be used by homeschoolers in other states. The downloadable workbooks are Home Math, Kitchen Math, Money Math, and Simply Math. The CCPS Elementary Mathematics Curriculum standards define what students should understand and be able to do in their study of mathematics. The courses follow the South African syllabus, but they can likely be used by residents of other countries as well. He uses a lot of visual representation to explain concepts, and his books are full color. I also felt that, after looking over and comparing they syllabi, that students would have a greater chance of success with the AP exam using Derek Owens math. You can also purchase the Home Companion Guides for additional math practice, or you can purchase new, “Expanded Editions” of each text, which just combine the original textbook with the Home Companion Guide. EdX, a nonprofit created by Harvard and MIT, offers numerous math courses. The AP College Board outlines requirements for each course designated AP, and his course follows it perfectly. ). That can feel like a huge weight, but keep in mind that as a homeschooler you have the privilege of teaching the child, not the curriculum. Following is an overview of suggested required courses in a curriculum, for either a student going on a Career Preparatory Path or a College Preparatory Path along with electives one might find at a typical high school. Lessons are taught visually, but some students still learn better with a kinesthetic approach, so you would need to supplement with actual, physical math manipulatives. Under the Home’s math courses are based on the classic textbooks, The Eclectic Manual of Methods and Ray’s Arithmetic. And sometimes my kiddos have to get in line to have questions answered or concepts explained, which makes me want to pull my hair out, because by line I don’t mean a nice, quiet, patient line. Good luck choosing — I know it is daunting! She was happy with Saxon up through Algebra 1, when she switched to Jacob’s, and she likes Jacob’s better. Aleks math is an online math program that tracks what kids know and teaches to their needs.

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