Recommendations must be signed-off by an officer with appropriate delegated authority: At FCO Posts: Lansmont has been recently acquired by Data Physics. Many times in this case there are distributors or dealers that may be able to sell parts or provide service, so something confirming the OEM is the only one that can do this may be helpful, especially on higher dollar purchases). In addition there are several customized parts and procedures that have been characterized and would only fit the existing JA Woollam equipment. The furnace must run at 1800C for long periods of time. )@¢ . Occasionally contracting with an individual is required. 4 @ 4 F o o t e r Æ àÀ! It is much preferred to simply write a short paragraph than to write a long, formal memo that needs to be deciphered. For these reasons, this is a sole source procurement. When it comes to sole source, quality is WAY more important than quantity. Clemson owns a Lansmont hydraulic vibration system that requires maintenance and work to upgrade and bring up to date after being in operation for 25+ years. Submitted a sole source because they think it is the fastest/easiest option may backfire because the process could take MUCH longer if it is not a sole source and another supplier protests or questions the justification. Sole source procurements must adhere to … Yokogawa is the only supplier that can provide such an OSA that meets these requirements. Regular fiber recoaters can only coat the fiber with 125um diameter and are not suitable for our special home-made optical fibers. Clemson currently has a Malvern S90 dynamic light scattering system for measuring the size of nanoparticles in suspensions and we need to modify this to a Malvern ZS90 system that would allow for the ability to measure the surface charge of the nanoparticles. Data Physics only sells these parts direct. hß]£ CJ In order to build the fiber lasers, we need a fiber recoater with the capability to coat polymer on the optical fiber up to 500um diameter. Don’t assume someone is familiar with your needs or existing constraints. We have a piece of equipment that only Supplier A can service or provide a part for. Note that under SC law and University policy, sole sources require a written determination and approval by the Procurement Director and Comptroller, plus any departmental or VP approvals as necessary, so allow time for processing. This modification cannot be purchased as a separate instrument by itself. Since this is below our State limit for bidding, we are able to be a little laxer in the justification. No other supplier can provide what is required to bring this vibration system to the level required for continued research. An item that is part of an overall piece of equipment or system needs replacement and only the original equipment manufacturer makes and distributes the item. Clemson requires a box furnace with an inside square chamber of at least 9"x12"x8" that will run continuously with a programmable controller and fit in a space in our lab that is 20in wide X 28in length X 30in tall. The law now requires that we issue an Intent to Sole Source for those sole sources that are greater than $50K. He has worked directly with Mr. Tata, the overseer of this Trust, as well as both schools (CU-ICAR and ITT- G). **(new 8/2019) Sole Source Justification >$50K. If you are making a purchase that is <$10K, you must use the Sole Source form in buyWays, but your justification simply needs to state why it is sole source. Consider addressing the justification to provide to a supplier that will not be getting the order. When writing a formal or service letter, presentation style and style is vital to making a great impression. Sole Source Justification . If it is not in writing as part of the grant/contract, then consider asking the Grantor to amend the grant/contract to make this a requirement. Single/Sole Source Justification Form Page 2 Procurement Office Use Only PO Number _____ Date _____ Indicate any savings made available from the sole or single source vendor. (be specific in terms of what the equipment is, what and why it needs parts or service, and why can only one supplier provide. If it is not part of the contract, we cannot say it is a legal requirement). EDAX is the only vendor with trained technicians capable of providing ongoing maintenance support for this equipment. No other supplier can provide a compatible system, therefore this is a sole source procurement. For something that is truly a sole source, nothing changes – you still need a solid justification that can stand on its own if another supplier asks why we are purchasing from a specific supplier. However, if you feel an individual is REQUIRED based on qualifications they have, a sole source may be appropriate. Do NOT provide more details than required above;  why it is a rush, why it is a good deal, or outlining specifications that are not unique to this purchase are irrelevant and should not be included. Sole Source – as defined by South Carolina law, a Sole Source purchase is one where there is only one source (one supplier) that could possibly supply the required product or service. An RFP should be used that may ultimately result in Joes selection as best option, but other individuals could possibly respond). Dr. Khorana is the only consultant with these unique connections required for this work. What specifically would happen? Joe Smith is needed to assist with this work. Do NOT use word such as “we selected,” “a committee chose,” or “better than …;” these all suggest that an informal procurement process was used to select the product or service over another. The product is available only direct from the manufacturer. Only Malvern instruments performs such an upgrade on the Malvern S90 instrument.

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