The octagonal room was completed in 1584. The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in Paris in 1911. For most of history, and even still some now, much of Cimabue’s work is confused and misattributed with that of … Remember that the Uffizi Gallery is one of the most In addition, you will need to reserve your slot by paying €4 extra. You can get some great deals for family tours of the Uffizi online. The Tribune of the Uffizi was one of the important sights on the tour. are visiting the Uffizi with kids, you will also find some helpful tips for Also Read About: Uffizi Gallery Facts • The Accademia Gallery’s ground floor holds the Prisoner’s Gallery (Galleria dei Prigioni) which is known to house the famous Michelangelo’s Prisoners. Today the Uffizi is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Florence. 4. Pre-buying A car bomb was detonated outside the Uffizi Gallery in 1993. These allow you to skip lines, play fun-filled treasure hunt games, and be steered by an expert tour guide. Staff at the entrance for help. 6. The last Medici heiress, Anna Maria Lodovica, made an agreement with the city of Florence. creatures, animals, and funny figures. This is why the building is called the "Uffizi" ("offices"). The collection of artworks is so large that some of the works are in other museums in Florence. The designer was Giorgio Vasariand the buildings were continued by Alfonso Parigi and Bernardo Buontalenti and finished in 1581. 2. Heading to Florence, Italy sometime soon? This disaster led to many of the art collections being seriously damaged, and in dire need of restoration. The 5. Lifts to access to the floors. *Note: Prices are correct at date published (Oct 2019), check website to confirm. The Uffizi gallery was built in 1581, under the request of Granduca Francisco de' Medici, son of Cosimo I. Direct from Las Vegas, Legends in Concert – Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs – A luxury escape from Melbourne, A Maze‘ N Things, Phillip Island’s Amazing Attraction for Kids, Italy with Kids: What to see & do on your Italian Family Holiday, 14 Things to do in Naples with Kids on Your Italy Family Holiday. Positano might just be the village that you associate with the Amalfi coast, thanks to its striking pastel houses that sit vertically neat, seemingly on […], child-friendly restaurants in sienaFebruary 28, 2020, architectural masterpiece buildings in florenceFebruary 14, 2020, unesco world heritage sites in pugliaFebruary 13, 2020, child-friendly activities in lecceJanuary 27, 2020, Visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Aware, Quality Villas is a UK limited company, registered office: He also commissioned Buontalenti to design the most the famous room in the Uffizi, an octagonal room called the Tribune of the Uffizi. [17] The most severe damage was to the Niobe room and classical sculptures and neoclassical interior (which have since been restored), although its frescoes were damaged beyond repair. Many private, family-friendly tours include treasure hunts and family portraits in their itineraries. Vecchio. The art and sculpture collection at Uffizi is displayed in more than 60 rooms across two different floors. Or come after 5 pm when the groups have left. The Uffizi is one of the first modern museums. connects the Uffizi Gallery with Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti. A large part of the collection was owned by the House of Medici before being bequeathed to the Tuscan state in the 18th century. The Uffizi Gallery is an art museum located in Florence, Italy, that houses some of the most famous works of art in the world, including works by Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. is one of the most frequented art museums in the world today and sees more than Vasari died in 1574 and the project was then taken over by Bernardo Buontalenti, another acclaimed artist at the time. And if you The museum was originally designed and built as the judiciary and administrative offices in Florence, ordered by Cosimo l de' Medici in 1560. As the years progressed many rooms were designated to exhibit art, and the Uffizi is believed to have served as a recreation and work space for famous artists such as Michelangelo. Uffizi welcomes around 1.9 million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular attractions in the world. That is a lot of art! The Uffizi was designed in a U-shape, and has a narrow courtyard between the two wings. Uffizi sees a lot of tourists almost every day. traveling with kids. It was designed by Cosimo's favourite artist Giorgio Vasari, in the U-shape that exists to this day. the heart of Florence. Shopping area at the exit on the groundfloor with books, Gallery-inspired gadgets and bookshop specialized in art history books. Learn Uffizi facts for kids. Head to Uffizi’s Official Website, make a list of must-dos and the rooms they are in, and plan your itinerary. And you may end up getting a time slot you don’t prefer. 3. The art and sculpture collection at Uffizi is displayed in more than 60 rooms across two different floors. ‘offices’) Chief public gallery in Florence, Italy, housing one of the greatest collections of Italian paintings. It is located The rich sculpture collection at the Uffizi: from ancient times to the present day, The Collection of Master Drawers. A living museum, Florence is famed worldwide for its concentration of impressive architecture. quite long and boring. Varsari designed a sort of screen, like a backdrop in an … It has arches through which the view of the river can be seen. historic center. Read more, Unlimited priority admission to the Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens, valid 1 year starting from the date chosen by the visitor at the time of the pass issue. The offices are in two parts which face each other across a cortyard. In 1560, Cosimo I de' Medici, the Duke of Tuscany, ordered a design of new office buildings for the magistrates of Florence. So, always book ahead. Single ticket for Uffizi. It is housed in the Palazzo degli Uffizi which means the "Palace of Offices" in Florence, Italy.

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