Legend has it that he loved it so much that he always ordered a double, lending the cocktail its nickname of Papa Doble. In addition to the Virgin Daiquiri, I created an amazing Spicy Daiquiri and a Frozen Strawberry Orange Daiquiri. Today, I’m imploring you to reconsider the humble, near-perfect rum daiquiri. The Classic Daiquiri Recipe. 1/1. Keep scrolling for 14 yummy daiquiris to add to your cocktail armory this summer. Add the Bacardi light rum and then the Bacardi 151. View the full instructional video here Hemingway Daiquiri Hemingway Special Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe July 20, 2019 by Steve the Bartender Category Cocktail Recipes The Hemingway Daiquiri was created at the La Floridita bar in Cuba for Ernest Hemingway. Daiquiris, daiquiri drink recipes. 414SS Daiquiri recipe. To make sure everyone can get in on the fun, I created three unique Daiquiri recipes that are sure to be a hit with family and friends at any BBQ or gathering. Splash in some more 151 if desired. Add daiquiri mix and the required amount of ice stated on the packet to a blender. But sometimes you get in the mood for something a little tropical, which is why we threw together a list of some seriously delicious and super unique daiquiris recipes to help keep your taste buds entertained and your body relaxed. 1-33 of 33 recipes. 1 1/2 cups Bacardi® 151 rum 1 cup Bacardi® light rum 1 package daiquiri mix. And doing so couldn’t be easier. Then help spread the word of the elegant flawlessness that is the daiquiri. Just follow the easy instructions below in our daiquiri recipe.

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